About Xerox PHASER 790 Service Manual

Xerox PHASER 790 Service Manual contains information that applies to NASG and ESG copiers. Service Manual Revision The Service Manual will be updated as the machine changes or as problem areas are identified.

How to Use this Xerox PHASER 790 Service Manual

The Service Call Procedures in Section 1 describe the sequence of activities used during the service call. The call must be entered using these procedures.

Use of the Circuit Diagrams

Circuit Diagrams (CDs) are included in Sections 2 (Status Indicator RAPs) and 3 (Image Quality RAPs) of the Service Manual. All wirenets, with the exception of power distribution wirenets, are shown on the CDs. Power distribution wirenets are shown in Section 7 (Wiring Data) of the Service Manual. The power distribution wirenets on the CDs will end at the terminal board for the power being distributed. Find the wirenet for that power and locate the terminal board on the wirenet. Use the wirenet to troubleshoot any power distribution wiring not shown on the CD.

Use of the Block Schematic Diagrams

Block Schematic Diagrams (BSDs) are included in Section 7 (Wiring Data) of the Service Manual. The BSDs show the functional relationship of the electrical circuitry to any mechanical, or non-mechanical, inputs or outputs throughout the machine. Inputs and outputs such as motor drive, mechanical linkages, operator actions, and air flow are shown. The BSDs will provide an overall view of how the entire subsystem, such as ADF, works. It should be noted that the BSDs no longer contain an Input Power Block referring to Chain 1. It will be necessary to refer to the Wirenets in order to trace a wire back to its source.

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