About Xerox Phaser 3600 Service Manual

General Guidelines and Safety precautions:

For qualified service personnel only: Refer also to the preceding “Power Safety Precautions” on page v.
Avoid servicing alone:  Do not perform internal service or adjustment of this product unless another person capable of rendering first aid or resuscitation is present.
Use care when servicing with power:  Dangerous voltages may exist at several points in this product. To avoid personal injury, do not touch exposed connections and components while power is On. Disconnect power before removing the power supply shield or replacing components.
Do not wear jewelry:  Remove jewelry prior to servicing. Rings, necklaces, and other metallic objects could come into contact with dangerous voltages and currents.

Warning Labels

Read and obey all posted warning labels. Throughout the printer, warning labels are displayed on potentially dangerous components. As you service the printer, check to make certain that all warning labels remain in place.

Safety Interlocks

Make sure all covers are in place and all Interlock Switches are functioning correctly after you have completed a printer service call. If you bypass an Interlock Switch during a service call, use extreme caution when working on or around the printer.

Class 1 Laser Product

The Phaser 3600 is certified to comply with Laser Product Performance Standards set by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services as a Class 1 Laser Product. This means that this product does not emit hazardous laser radiation; which is possible only because the laser beam is totally enclosed during all modes of customer operation. When servicing the printer or laser unit, follow the procedures specified in this Xerox Phaser 3600 Service Manual and there will be no hazards from the laser.

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