General notes the Volker S962 Series Service Manual

You have purchased a bed from Völker AG. This bed has been built in accordance with the applicable national and international standards and the regulations reflecting the current state of technology.

Völker beds satisfy requirements in terms of safety and functionality. They are tested in accordance with interna- tional standards and bear the CE mark, which documents the beds' compliance with essential requirements for medical products. However, please read the fundamental safety provisions (see also instructions for use). Please also note (with particu- lar attention to any warranty claims) the further notes on the following pages. This Volker S962 Series Service Manual is intended to give service technicians relevant information and ensure they work correctly.

Warranty and liability

Völker GmbH is liable for any faults or failures, not including further claims aris- ing in the context of the warranty obliga- tions detailed in the main agreement. Claims for compensation, for whatever legal reason such claims may be raised, will not be entertained.

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