Trane XR302-XR303 Thermostat Manual

The 302 and 303 are programmable thermostats with 5” diagnoal, blue backlit, touchscreen displays. The 303 features a built- in humidity sensor that may be used to control a whole house humidifier (HM) and cooling dehumidification (DHM).

Trane XR302-XR303 Spesification



Product Models



XR 302 / XR 303


4-9/16” x 5-13/16” x 1-3/16” (HxWxD)


Heat Pump, Heat/Cool, Dual Fuel, Heat Only, Cooling Only

Maximum Number of Stages

4 Stages Heat, 2 Stages Cooling

Operating Temperature

32°F to 105°F (0 to +41°C) / 90% RH Non Condensing

Shipping Temperature Range

-40 to 150°F (-90 to +65°C)

Input Power (DC)

Two 1.5V AA Alkaline

Input Power (AC)

20-30 VACm NEC Class 11m 50/60 HZ

Terminal Load

1.5A per Terminal, 2.5A Maximum, all Terminals Combined

Wire Usage

18 AWG

System Modes

Auto, Heating, Cooling, Off, Emergency Heat

Fan Modes

Auto, On, Program

Setpoint Temperature Range

45°F to 99°F, (7 to 37°C)

Humidification Setpoint Range

5 to 50% (303 only)

Dehumidification Setpoint Range

40 TO 95% (303 only)

Indoor Temperature Display Range

32°F to 99°F

Outdoor Temperature Display Range

-40°F to 140°F

Indoor Humidity Display Range

0°F to 100°F





Heat (Single Stage/Multi-Stage)



Cool (Single Stage/Multi-Stage)



Heat Pump



Emer Heat




Thermostat Configuration Options

Thermostat Applications

Maximum Stages Heat/Cool

Single Stage 1 No Heat Pump (SS1)

Gas, Oil, Electric, Heat Only, Cool Only or Heat/ Cool Systems, 2 or 3 wire Hydronic Zone (Hot Water or Steam) Systems, 24 Volt or Millivolt


Multi Stage 2 No Heat Pump (MS2)


Heat Pump 1

Single Stage Compressor Heat Pump (HP1)

Single Stage Compressor Heat Pump Systems - up to 2 Stages Aux./Emergency Heat


Heat Pump 2

Two Stage or Two Compressor Heat Pump (HP2)

Two Stage or Two Compressor Heat Pump systems - up to 2 Stages Aux./Emergency Heat


Trane XR302-XR303 Programming and Configuration Items

  1. Displays Lock Icon and “Keypad Lockout” when in keypad lockout mode. Displays  Lock Icon  and “Temperature Limit” and “Keypad Lockout” when limited range is activated and locked. Displays only “Temperature Limit” when limited range is activated.
  2. Indicates period of day being programmed.
  3. RUN SCHEDULE (run program) key.
  4. SET TIME key or HOLD temperature key.
  5. Displays “Change Filter”/ “Change Pad”/ “Change UV Lamp” when the system has run for the programmed filter/humidity pad/UV lamp time period as a reminder to change or clean your filter/humidity pad or to replace UV lamp.
  6. COPY key or INSTALLER CONFIG key.
  7. CLEAN DISPLAY key allows 30 seconds to wipe off the display or ADVANCE DAY key for programming.
  8. Used in programming to set time and in configuration menu to change selections.
  9. “Hold Until” indicates the time when a temporary hold period will end.
  10. “Hours” and “Days” displays during steps in installer configuration.
  11. The words “Hold At” are displayed when the thermostat is in the HOLD mode. “Temporary Hold At” is displayed when the thermostat is in a temporary HOLD mode.
  12. “Humidity” indicates that the “Set At” display is Humidity setpoint.
  13. “System On” indicates when heating or cooling stage is energized. “+2” indicates when a second stage is energized.
  14. “Copy” indicates the copy program feature is being used during programming.
  15. A steady “Cool Savings” display indicates the featureis enabled in the installer menu. A flashing “Cool Savings” display indicates the feature is active.
  16. “Remote” indicates that the indoor remote temperature sensor, is being accessed. “Outdoor Remote” indicates the outdoor remote temperature sensor is being accessed.
  17. Display time, remote temperature or humidity.
  18. “Heat Pump” displays when the system configurationis set in HP1/HP2.
  19. “Call for Service” indicates a fault in the heating/cooling systems. It does not indicate a fault in the thermostat.
  20. Auto Schedule key for Auto Schedule function or Humidity key to display current Humidity and Humidity setpoint.
  21. In Configuration Menu, shows screen number.

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