About Suzuki SX4SX4 SEDAN Owner's Manual

This Owner’s Manual was prepared to help you have a safe, enjoyable, and trouble-free experience with your SUZUKI. In it you will learn about the vehicle’s operation, its safety features and maintenance requirements. Please read it carefully before operating your vehicle. Afterwards, keep this Manual in the glove box for future reference. Should you resell the vehicle, please leave this Manual with it for the next owner.


  1. Fuel (see section 1)
  2. Engine hood (see section 5)
  3. Tire changing tools (see section 5)
  4. Engine oil dipstick <Yellow> (see section 9)
  5. Automatic transaxle fluid dipstick <Red> (see section 9)
  6. Engine coolant (see section 9)
  7. Windshield washer fluid (see section 9)
  8. Battery (see section 9)
  9. Tire pressure (see tire information label on driver’s door lock pillar)
  10. Spare tire (see section 9)


Read and follow all of the warnings (labels etc.) on your vehicle. Make sure you understand all of them. Keep them on the vehicle. Do not remove the messages for any reason. If a label comes off or the messages become difficult to be read, have it corrected by your SUZUKI dealer.

  1. Air bag warning labels (on both sun visors)
  2. Passenger seat belt warning label
  3. Rear center seat belt warning label
  4. Jacking warning label
  5. Fuel filler cap message
  6. Brake fluid cap message
  7. Engine cooling fan warning label
  8. Radiator cap warning label
  9. Air conditioner warning label
  10. Battery label
  11. Compact spare tire warning label
  12. Rear outboard seat belt warning label
  13. Side air bag warning label

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