Description Suzuki DF4DF6 User Manual

The DF4 and DF6 are equipped with a tiller handle that extends out from the steering bracket. This design positions the operator further forward in the boat to provide better weight distri- bution which, helps in getting an inflatable to plane quicker.
The outboard is designed to turn 90° both left and right of center. This feature helps docking and tight turning of the boat while its 90° stopping points provide an easy-to- recognize reference of the outboard’s angle.

With the tiller handle attached to the steering bracket rather than the motor itself, and the utilization of a large rubber mount inside the same steering bracket, vibration in the tiller handle has been greatly reduced. Steering is smoother due to the utilization of an upper bushing placed between the steering bracket and the swivel brack- et. Steering tension can be adjusted with a large friction adjuster to regulate steering effort and feel.

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