Seca 769-799 LC Service Manual

Electronic column scales with BMI function

Versatile, low-maintenance and site-independent with economic battery operation – the seca 769-799 is ideal for daily use in hospitals and doctors' practices. The seca 769 is equipped with several intelligent functions. For example, the BMI function permits a reliable evaluation of the nutritional condition of the patient. The column scale can also be fitted with the optional measuring rods seca 220 or seca 224 so that both weight and height can be determined in just one time-saving step.

Technical Data Seca 769-799 LC Service Manual

Capacity: 450 lbs, 200 kg
Graduation (g): 100 g / 0,2 lbs
Power supply: Battery, Power adapter
Measure (W x H x D): 294 x 831 x 417 mm , 11,6 x 32,7 x 16,4 inch
Net weight: 6,2 kg , 13,7 lbs
Functions and Properties: Transport custors, TARE, HOLD, BMI, kg/lbs/sts switch-over, Automatic switch-off
CE: CE 0123

Introduction Seca 769-799 Service Manual

The display module belongs to the LC family of seca’s electronic modules and is used to indicate a weight value measured with the LC weight module and supplied via the module bus. The display module also accommodates the operating elements and can process the weight (hold, tare, etc.). Furthermore, a simple switch/jumper is provided to activate scale service.

The LC weight module is used to determine weights using one or several load cell(s) with strain gauges. The LC module bus supplies the processed measured values to the LC display module.

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