Seca 703 NEC1 Service Manual

Product Properties

  • Compatible with all EMR Systems and EMR ready seca products.
  • Heavy duty cast iron base is slip resistant with an anti-tip column design.
  • BMI, Pre-TARE, HOLD, Auto-HOLD, Mother/child function.
  • At the press of a button, measured results can be wirelessly transmitted to digital printer or a PC.

Weight measurement Seca 703 NEC1

The DMS modules use load cells with strain gauges in a double bridge circuit as sensors. The entire analog part runs on its own supply voltage. This voltage can be switched by the μC to 3V, 5V or 10V. This voltage is also supplied to the load cells. At full load, they deliver a bridge output voltage of 2mV/V.
This voltage is measured by a dual slope a/d converter. The DMS ext module can evaluate up to four load cells which are multiplexed accordingly. Only one load cell can be connected to the other types of DMS modules. The conversion time is selected so that a new measured value is available every 0.1 s.

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