About Canon Pixma MX870 Service Manual


Errors and warnings are displayed by the following ways:

  1. Operator call errors are indicated by the Alarm LED lit in orange, and the error and its solution are displayed on the LCD in text and by icon.
  2. Messages during printing from a computer are displayed on the MP driver Status Monitor.
  3. Error codes (the latest 10 error codes at the maximum) are printed in the "operator call/service call error record" area in EEPROM information print

Buttons valid when an operator call error occurs:

  1. ON button: To turn the machine off and on again.
  2. OK button: To clear and recover from an error. In some operator call errors, the error will automatically be cleared when the cause of the error is eliminated, and pressing the OK button may not be necessary.
  3. Stop button: To cancel the job at error occurrence, and to clear the error.

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