Bosch Radiator Thermostat II Manual

Bosch Radiator Thermostat II Specifications  

Below, you will find product specifications and manual descriptions for the Bosch Radiator Thermostat II.

The Bosch Radiator Thermostat II is a smart thermostat designed for indoor use. With its LED display, users can monitor and adjust temperature settings. Battery powered, this thermostat provides flexibility in setting and does not require a direct electrical connection. One of its features is compatibility with voice assistants such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, allowing users to directly control the thermostat with voice commands. This allows for a comfortable temperature change even when the user is not physically in the room. In terms of dimensions, the Bosch radiator thermostat II has a height of 51mm, a width of 51mm and a depth of 87mm, making it compact and discreet.

It works using the ZigBee interface, ensuring reliable and efficient communication between devices. The maximum room temperature of this thermometer is 50 meters, providing flexibility of installation in the room or even in different rooms. With a low standby power of 0.5W, the Bosch radiator thermostat II is designed to be energy efficient, helping users save electricity costs. Overall, the Bosch Radiator Thermostat II is a compact and versatile smart thermostat that offers remote control via voice assistance. Its LED screen and battery source make it easy to use and install in different rooms. With its ZigBee interface and indoor range, it provides reliable communication within the network. Its efficient design also helps reduce energy consumption.

Product Description

Product description The intelligent radiator thermostat controls the valve on the radiator in order to offer you greater convenience for temperature control.  

Product overview 





Connection ring  M 30 × 1.5 mm 

Is screwed onto the radiator valve or adapter. 



Only switched on when operating 


Status LED 

Multi-coloured, complements thedisplayson  the screen 




Control knob 

  • Rotate in direction + or – , manually adjust the set temperature 

  • Press ○, 

    confirmation of various operation procedures 


Battery compartment 

Make sure the polarity is correct when inserting  the batteries!


bosch radiator thermostat1 





Battery status 

Low battery charge 


Wireless status 

Wireless connection to the controller 


Display area 

(adjustable via app) 

Display set temperature and further information 

(status, device fault,etc.) 




Child lock 

Lock/unlock operation on the device: 

  1. Press ○ until LCK appears 

  2. Press + or – to change status 

  3. Press ○ to confirm 


Ventilation detection 

Open window detected, valve closed 


Room control manual 

No time programme active, room temperature is 

kept constant 


Room control paused 

Room control is inactive (heating break), frost 

protection is ensured 


Room control automatic 

Room temperature is changed according to the 

active time programme


The status LED (C) of the radiator thermostat supplements the display with application-specific flashing codes.

Status LED 

Device status 

Recommended action 

Flashes orange 

Pairing mode (is active) or device is 

communicating with the 


Please wait 

Flashes green 

Pairing mode (successful) or process 



Flashes red 

Pairing mode (not successful) or process failed 

If this is the first pairing attempt, please try again. Otherwise observe the fault indication on the display and contact the service team if 


Resetting to factory settings

You can reset the device to its factory settings as follows:

Remove a battery. Replace the battery while holding the “○” button. Hold the button pressed until the status LED rapidly flashes orange and “RES” appears on the display. Now release the button briefly and press and hold it again until the LED lights green and the notification on the dis- play disappears. The device then restarts. Please note that it can take a few seconds until the ther- mostat is ready for operation again.

  • When resetting to factory settings, the set- tings and information are only lost from the device and not from the Bosch Smart Home controller.
  • To re-configure the device, first delete it in the device management section of the Bosch Smart Home app and then add it again in the usual configuring process.

Maintenance and cleaning

Removing or changing batteries

To remove or change the batteries, open the cover on the bottom of the device and remove both batteries. Take care to ensure the correct polarity when replacing them. The device does not require maintenance. Leave any repairs to a specialist. Clean the device with a soft, clean, dry and lint-free cloth. When clean- ing, do not use any cleaning agents containing solvents.

Bosch Radiator Thermostat II Technical Data

Device type designation 


Protection class 


Ambient temperature 

0 °C … + 50 °C 


10 % … 80 % 

Housing dimensions (W × H × D) 

51 × 51 × 87 mm 

Weight (without batteries) 

135 g 

Radio frequency band 

2.4 – 2.4835 GHz 

Radio protocol 

ZigBee 3.0 

Max. transmitting power 

3 mW 

Radio range in the open 

< 50 m 

Software class 


Receiver category 



2 × LR6/Mignon/AA (alkaline) 

Battery lifespan (typical) 

< 2 years 

Degree of soiling 


Mode of operation 

Type 1 

Valve connection 

M30 × 1.5 mm 

Max. power 


220 mA / < 0.8 W 

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